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VoIP readiness test results for 3G MTS 3 channels usb refresh

Who is responsibleASV
Customer address
Customer company name
Customer user name
Link for customer to download TestAgentdownload mirror
Link for client to view results of the testview results
TestAgent statusoffline: 3995h 40m
TestAgent run time12/4/2016 1:51:02 PM (UTC+0) - 12/7/2016 7:06:48 PM (UTC+0)
Time zone for reportsUTC+0
Version of softwareNov 21 2016, Windows
Public IP85.140.3.150
Local IPs192.168.42.77
CPU delays reportManagerC_ping: 4157.55ms at 20161207 06:39:37.747, 3.40593%CPU total; UDPRX_processing: 0.180932ms at 20161206 20:08:25.837, 0.0597949%CPU total; UDPTX_generatingAndSending: 0.635764ms at 20161206 15:54:05.192, 2.98789%CPU total; UDPRX_processing: 0ms at 20161204 16:54:09.833, nan%CPU total;

SIP ALG test

StatusTest completed
Performed at12/4/2016 1:51:03 PM (UTC+0)
Server TestAgent IDstartrinityServer1
SIP ALG is present for INVITE to port 5060True
SIP ALG is present for INVITE to port 5062False
SIP ALG is present for REGISTER to port 5060False
SIP ALG is present for REGISTER to port 5062False

RTP stream test view chart

Number of channels 3
Measurements interval 3 minute(s)
Max measurements duration 96 hour(s)
Actual measurements duration77 hour(s) 12 minutes
upload stream
Uptime (MOS above 3)99.9352%
Max RFC3550 jitter607.86ms
Max instant jitter5874.90ms
Max packet loss18.77%
Worst G.107 MOS1.00
Stream detailsdetails
download stream
Uptime (MOS above 3)99.8705%
Max RFC3550 jitter399.50ms
Max instant jitter6331.83ms
Max packet loss27.94%
Worst G.107 MOS1.00
Stream detailsdetails
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